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Welcome to the official home of the Ken-Ju-Bo-Ai National Association

Dedicated to the memory of our founder:

Sijo•Grandmaster Samuel Brown

1939 - 2015


The Ken-Ju-Bo-Ai National Association is a non-profit martial arts organization based in Reno, Nevada, with Schools in Oregon and California.

Sijo Sam Brown leaves a legacy of 50+ years of Kenpo instruction. He began his life’s work with the C.H.A. 3 school of Kenpo in Honolulu, Hawaii and then founded the Almaden Kenpo Club in San Jose, California which transitioned to the Ken-Ju-Bo-Ai National Association. He passed this responsibility and heritage to his son, Professor Lance Kekoa Brown as well has his daughter and son; Kehau Bowman and Kona Samuel Brown.


"Physically, Kenpo is an art of self-defense that enables one to defeat his opponent by administering a strike or kick to the vital areas of his anatomy. Mentally, it is a defensive study that cultivates the explicitness of serenity and tranquility, which promotes the betterment of personality and mind. Spiritually, with the understanding of discipline through austerity, the coordination of mind and body function to create a better self. In the physical application of Kenpo, the student is bound to humility and self-restraint."

-Sijo Sam Brown

During the course of training, our intention is to acquaint students with the proper physical mechanics of our defensive techniques as well as develop mental and physical conditioning. In addition to regular class, students are expected to participate in tournaments, promotions, seminars, and monthly training workouts.

Regular Class Times


  • Juniors (age 13 and under): 6:30-7:30
  • Seniors (Teens and Adults): 6:30-8:30


  • Juniors (age 13 and under): 6:30-7:30
  • Seniors (Teens and Adults): 6:30-8:30


Our main headquarters is located at 395 Freeport Blvd #13. Sparks, Nevada 89431. For information on our schools in Oregon and California please contact us.

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